Monday, 29 February 2016

Peppermint Creams & All Things Canadian

Good morning Monday! Happy Leap Year everyone :-)  What's everyone doing with their extra day? 

We've had a great start to the day today.  DD decided she was going to clean out the rabbit first thing, and DS decided he was going to make my bed and hang my clothes up! Lol!  He hung one thing, then decided to do some tidying downstairs.  I'm not sure what's brought this on but I'll enjoy it while it lasts! Maybe it's just a once every 4 years thing :-)

We then made Peppermint Creams, me and DD.  She wanted to do it yesterday but we ran out of time, so we've made them today - 

Meanwhile, DS decided he would do some electronics, so that kept him happy for a while. He's full of cold today, and lost a tooth yesterday, so I'm not going to push him in to anything particular today.  

But as it turned out, he decided to join us at the table to do some research on Canada for our Geography project this month.  We've found some great FREE resources so far including this fab website - DLTK Kids/ Canada Worksheets.  We've found all sorts of there - Canadian money worksheets, fab links to colouring pages and word searches and word jumbles - all of which are going to be great for our Geography Club next month.   

They also have these awesome FREE, customize-able domino's - in a whole host of subjects.  Really cool!  DLTK Cards/ Dominos

DS is working hard on Totem Poles (and made a Lego one) :- 

and DD has decided to do something on wolves. (Little bit repetitive as she has already done a project on wolves, but she is at least using a reference book and making it specific to Canada :-) ) 

She's now branched out a bit and done Moose as well :-)  

Her idea now is to make a book of Canadian animals.  I love seeing how their imagination leads them. If I'd have told her we were sitting down to make a book of Canadian animals, it never would've happened.  But allowing her to start out at her level of comfort, with something familiar, and then gently nudging her with open questions enables her to lead herself on at her own pace.  It's exciting watching this ability to self study develop :-)

And now, it's time for some outdoor play :-)  Hope you're having fun whatever you're doing.  See you later x

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