Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sorry I've not written much this week.  Been another busy week (to think one of the things we worried about before taking the plunge to Home Educate was socialisation lol).  

This week I've been working on setting up a Geography Club, sorting the venue, agreeing dates & costs, and finding other interested parties to join us. We're chosen (by popular vote) our country for this month - Poland.  So we've been learning a bit about the history of Poland, traditional food and dress and a little bit of the language. DD has sewn their flag in felt (thankfully a very simple two colour flag!) So we're all quite excited about it.

Besides this, the kids have been working on all sorts - along with our usual maths, English and reading, we've done a smattering of science experiments, DS has written his entry for the Radio Two 500 word writing competition and DD has written her Owl poem (home work from her Creative Writing course). 

DD was very excited to get not one but two letters in the post - one from her penfriend (a fellow Home Edder the same age) which also contained a pink lolly! And one from her old Brown Owl, containing her Hostess Badge that she earned before Christmas :-) 

We've been out on our bikes and the kids have been rock climbing. We've also made pancakes at Beavers and learnt how to put some-one's arm in a sling at Badgers (St John Ambulance). 

And, as a preamble to a project on the Ancient Greeks we're going to do this year, DD has been doing this sticker book - 

I honestly can't recommend it highly enough.  I thought at 8 she was maybe a bit past the sticker-book age, but apparently not! She has absolutely loved doing it.  And it really is a great little introduction to the subject. I think it's really going to help, when we study it more in depth later this year.

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