Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Today began with Nerf gun target shooting! As you do lol :-)

Then it was Table Time for some work on English today. DD was tired to begin with but then really found her groove and powered through lots of work on word definitions, meanings and origins,  compound words and presentation preparation.   DS worked on sentence structure, remembering his capitals and full stops, and word grouping.   

We also spent time reading - so pleased with DS's progress.  DD continues to free read and is enjoying working her way through the Enid Blyton St Claires books at the moment.

Our other project for the day was our home work for horse riding - to research the life cycle of the bot fly, and it's effect on horses.  This was a bit much for DS, but DD enjoyed researching it and writing it up ready for tomorrow. DS is just looking forward to being around the horses again! 

In the afternoon we had DD's Creative Writing class with a small Home Ed group. It's so nice being able to sit in on the lessons and see and hear what she is learning. It's lovely hearing them share their thoughts and poems together, in a positive, supportive environment. It's their third week now (of a 12 week course) and you can really see their confidence growing.  

And, of course, this evening was pancakes!!  But I'm afraid we were too busy eating them to take pictures! 

What did you have on yours? x 

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