Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fabulous, exhausting day in the fresh air at the stables.

DD & DS were so excited for today, and I was so proud they got to ride out on their own (only their second time).

Thankfully the weather held, we even got the odd burst of sun and DD & DS managed to walk with the rest of the group and then to trot (with assistance) with me just watching from the sidelines. Fantastic achievement! 

Their teacher is fantastic, has such a great way with children and a very calm, authoritative influence.  He sets homework for them each month, which they are not obliged to do, but he takes a genuine interest in what they do and takes the time to read and look at it all.  DD spent a long time researching and writing up the life cycle of the bot fly this month, and DS had gone back through his questionnaire from last month and completed the questions he missed. As a result, they were each awarded a rosette, which I think was definitely their personal highlight :-) 

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