Monday, 15 February 2016

So we're on half term now, which means taking a break from 'work' as such.  DD and I have been working on the garden, or should I say clearing part of it today.  She did a great job of weeding and is learning the names of some of the plants in the garden and to recognise which are plants, which are weeds :-)  

We did some cutting back, while DS swept the patio and washed the bird bath out.  DD & I weeded one of the raised patio beds together (which we plan to build a Fairy Garden in) and potted up a couple of polyanthus to bring a bit of colour to the fence.

Then DS felt in a Lego kind of mood, and built this awesome two-tier construction which he photographed himself  :-)  

And I've also enjoyed some extra help around the kitchen.  DD is a very fussy eater, but this week I had her sit down with all the recipe books and told her she must choose at least 2 meals she would eat using fresh ingredients.  One of the things she chose was a tomato based soup with Quorn and beans and pasta.  So she helped me make that, which we had with warmed pitta bread to dip in.  

And DS provided dessert for us - 

Candy melt lollies, melon and squirty cream!! (Yuk! But the melon was good :-)  )

What's everyone else up to this half term week? xx

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