Tuesday, 2 February 2016

So, today we've done alot of reading (of course! Thanks to the delivery of lots of lovely new books yesterday :-) ), English work books (Leap Ahead & Carol Vorderman Top of the Class) and Maths work books (same).

We roller skated to the shops to get something for lunch, then DD had her Creative Writing class.  While she did this, DS did this wonderfully detailed depiction of how he paints his Warhammer figures :-)  I love it! He spent nearly half an hour on this :-)

I love how hard he concentrated on the task he set himself, how neat and precise his pictures are and how neat his handwriting is.  Ok the spelling may still be a long way off but we started September last year working on CVC words!  He has come soooooo far :-)

We stopped off at the park on the way home for a few games of table tennis, then when we got home the kids decided they were going to make badges together, with DD's badge making kit.

After that it was dinner and then an early night, as the lure of all the new books yesterday meant for very tired kids today :-)

What's everyone else been up to? xx

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