Monday, 22 February 2016

First day 'back to school' today - ha ha, well, you know what I mean ;-)

We started the day making pancakes which we head with fresh fruit (and whatever else we could find in the cupboards!).  Lemon & sugar for DD, a mountain of Nutella for DS! 

We all cleared and washed up together and the kids had a quick blitz of their rooms, put their washing away and whizzed the hoover round their own rooms (yes, they do chores! On a good day! I'm in to that :-) )

Then we met at the table where I did reading with DS while DD cracked on with some worksheets on Homophones, Compound Words and Complex Sentence Structure.  As this took her some time to work through, DS and I carried on with his "homework" from Beavers (as he has several badges he is working towards simultaneously).  One of the tasks was to make a list of energy saving things he does around the home, for his Global Awareness badge.  He really thought about this and came up with some great answers in his list.  He found writing really hard today and it definitely made him very 'flighty' and 'ticky', so I'm proud as anything with what he achieved :-)

Sorry it's not a very clear picture!  

He's written 1. Turning off lights   2. Don't leave taps on   3. Put 2 layers on instead of the heating   4.  Recycling boxes & paper

Notice his numbers are all inverted.  Sometimes he picks himself up on this and self corrects, sometimes not. Today he was struggling with getting anything written down so best not to pick him up on it as it didn't 'need' correcting in this instance, it would just have caused a melt down when it really wasn't necessary.

So, then we decided we would all do some research on Poland - our country of the month for our Geography Club.  The kids decided they would like to set up workbooks for it and DS decided he would look up some information on Polish Castles, which he decided to print and stick in his book.  DD was interested in the flag/ national symbols and did a lovely picture or Warclow.  We are looking forward to sharing what we've learnt at our group later this week. 

DD also decided to write up a couple of science experiments she'd done over half term, in her Project Book while DS played with his magnets :-)

What's everyone else been up to today? x

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