Monday, 30 May 2016

Garden Days

So, last week me, DD & DS went on our jollibobs :-)  (Aka holidays!)  We left poor DH at home, as he is still tied to term times and school holidays, being in the teaching profession :-(   And headed off, the Fab Three (DS calls us The Three Musketeers, DD calls us the three Muske-Cheers! Because, she says, there are no tears now we are happy Home Edders!) :-)

Anyway, I was very proud of myself (CEO of my Zoo's on our first Team Building Field Trip lol!).  The car decided to die a death before we went, so we had to go by public transport - which added another 'fun' dimension with the current strikes/ staff shortages!!  So a 2 hour journey to a holiday park ended up taking 4 1/2 hours each way but we took in all in our stride and had a fab 5 day week just hanging out, playing, making the most of the facilities (especially as we had them almost totally to ourselves due to it being off-peak season!).  I was so proud of the kids - they made friends, behaved appropriately with a variety of ages and had great fun.  Highlights included DD winning a skate board for being picked to go up on stage and won a sing off!! My shy little DD who HATED school performances!! Wow!  And DS won another game, where he won a bottle of wine for Mummy (yay!) and a Slush Puppy for himself!

Now we're back home, have successfully ploughed through the mountain of washing we brought home with us. We've caught up with family and friends and today had a nice, peaceful At Home day.  With a bit of coaxing, the kids spent an hour and a half weeding their raised vegetable beds - their crops are coming along nicely.  DD has planted carrots and sugar snap peas - she was fascinated today looking at the tendrils on the pea plants and how they have coiled and clung to the canes she planted them up against :-)    While DS had planted sprouts, broccoli, carrots, onions and radishes in his bed.  I planted swiss chard and strawberry runners.  All are doing well.  So much so, we had swiss chard and radish salad with our dinner tonight - and the kids ATE it!!! 

After all that weeding we took a break for drinks, biccies and lots of doing handstands (DD) and magic tricks (DS)!  Then the kids tidied their shed/ playhouse :-)  

They were so pleased with their efforts, they decided to decorate the outside too, with flowers from the garden (that they asked permission to pick - as Mummy gets a bit precious about her flowers lol) :-)

So pretty, isn't it?  

An exciting find, in the shed when they were tidying, was this tiny abandoned wasps nest -

It had long been abandoned so was totally safe to remove by hand and absolutely fascinating to be able to look at and hold.  The workmanship is just amazing.

And DD's amazing find was this..................................!

We have no idea what it is, or how it got in her vegetable bed!! It looks like a tooth, or teeth. We need to do some investigating for sure!!  

And after (extremely thoroughly!) washing our hands, DD made some cakes, for a perfect tea party afternoon :-)

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