Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Inky Babble & Maud the Witch

DD & DS have been lucky enough recently to have been selected by a friend of ours to 'review' the text for her forthcoming children's book.  What an amazing privilege to get a sneak peak at this fantastically talented ladies work.  It was especially exciting for the children to be afforded this unique opportunity to be involved, in some tiny way, in a real authors work.

Obviously I can't give anything away, but the story is in the form of a beautifully constructed poem, involving Maud the Witch, that will appeal to younger children through the exquisite illustrations (also done by the author) and the eloquent prose that will engage and enthrall the older reader also. 
A wonderfully visual treat and a punchy story for all the family to enjoy, time and time again. 

Get a sneak peak & follow the author, Hannah Shewan-Friend, for yourself on Inky Babble FB page. Definitely one to watch out for :-) 

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