Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Microscopes, Pinatas & Lego

And today we have been...........

using a microscope to look at things from the garden, and recording our findings...........

making a pinata...............

and building Lego :-)

We've also been out to the dentist, our dentist is so sweet with DD & DS.  She was horrified by them when they were younger and told them off one visit when they just couldn't sit still and stop fiddling!  But we've persevered (because she was trying to help) and now she has a much better understanding of them.  They were calm today, we read mysteries while we waiting, then took turns in the chair.  When it was my turn, she has happy for DS to stand uncomfortably close and watch intently, and when he asked a question she stopped what she was doing and turned the equipment off to answer him :-)  And at the end, the dental nurse had a sticker ready for each of them that she had pre-selected so there were no 'choice' issues. Ah, Heaven :-) 

Then we needed to run a couple of errands, after which we went in to town for lunch, collected some holiday brochures for DD's forthcoming project on tourism in Egypt for her Geography Study Group, and visited the library to choose some more books.

A quick whizz round a few charity shops and we found more books, a dinosaur documentary DVD and some brand new clothes in a 60% off sale (8 items for £20!)  

And, my favourite bit of all?  DS's quote of the day "I looked at a apple blossom and I knew it are a GOOD DAY" - and it has been :-)

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