Monday, 9 May 2016

The Spring Madness

So, it's been a long time since I posted!  We've been adjusting to the Spring Madness in this house!  

Spring is always a very turbulent time in our house.  I read a great article recently that explained it quite well - Spring Sensory Issues.  I knew we suffered at this time of year, but I'd never really been able to put my finger on it.  When DD was in school I thought it was transitions, as they would start prepping for the move up to the next year in spring.  Then I thought it was Easter - the chocolate, and obsessional behaviour with sugar (that is a big struggle for my DD).  At times I thought it was depression, in cycles.  You name it, but we get to spring every year and it's like DD completely switches off her brain.  Absolutely EVERYTHING has to be re-learned, again and again and again - getting dressed, eating, brushing her teeth, going to the toilet, having a single independent thought EVER!!!   It is sooooooo mind-numbingly frustrating.  And all the time the aggressive, contrary behaviour - re-phrasing all your sentences, the need to exert control over everything and everyone, constantly, the drama, the malcontent - it's exhausting!   But this article really helped me realise how challenging it must be for her.  Literally we reach the start of spring and EVERYTHING is wrong ......
- the nights are light, not dark
- the clocks change, so my body feels different at different times.  It can take weeks for my internal body clock to adjust
- my clothes are wrong. It's not hot enough for summer clothes, I'm too hot in my winter clothes. I never know what to wear.
- I can't plan anything - I may want to play in the garden but it's hailing.  Or go to the park with my friends but it's pouring down
- my body feels wrong.  I have asthama and hayfever affects me greatly - my whole skin itches, my eyes water, I can't get a deep enough breath in to my body and I sneeze sometimes until I get a nose bleed
- of course this, and the light evenings, and next doors dog that barks until the sun goes down, and the next door but one's rooster that crows at the dawn - all affect my sleep pattern massively
- so, during the day, I am tired, I am cranky and I don't know why
All this and more, contributes to the Spring Madness and it is a hugely wearing time.  Everyday I think ' I am going to start anew, stay positive, not lose my temper' - most days I fail at some point, but we patch up and try again the next day :-)

We've had some more Zoo talks.  About how we want to be Zoo's but with it comes responsibility.  We need to be aware of the Needs of the Zoo.  Of the schedules and feeding times of the different animals.  How we don't let the lions out of their enclosure, as they would eat all the other animals.  And we don't let the giraffes roam free or all the trees would be bare.   We can't let the penguins out as they need water, and although they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cute, they are kinda pongy too :-) :-)    So we are learning, slowly, to manage our Zoos - and to ensure that all the different Animals have the right kind of enclosure for them the thrive, as we absolutely want to support and encourage the full range of animals to thrive :-)

And, slowly but surely we are getting there.  Hopefully fast enough for me to pass my blood pressure test in a couple of weeks! Lol xxx

So, to all my fellow special needs/ sensory/ ASD/ ADHD parents and carers - let's take the Star Wars out of May the 4th and literally may the force be with you, through the Spring Madness and beyond xxxxxxxxxxx

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