Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hospitals, Farm animals, Veggies & More

Lovely couple of days :-)

Yesterday I had a routine hospital appointment.  Luckily we were seen by a nurse DS knows really well.  She is so sweet and kind with him, doesn't rush us out when I'm done if he wants to ask questions or is still looking around. Yesterday she gave him a little ball of gauze to gauze :-)  It's the little things - makes a HUGE difference.

Afterwards I decided to take the kids to one of our favourite places for a day out.  A lovely farm with cafe and playcentres.  It's always been one of our favourite go-to places and we were lucky that a friend shared a voucher she had for discounted entry this week so we decided to make the most of it.

Not gonna lie, one of the MOST FABULOUS things about Home Ed is Not Queuing!  We had the place almost to ourselves in the morning - we rode tractors, bounced on trampolines and had the indoor soft play and slides all to ourselves until nearly lunch time :-)   We fed the, still hungry, animals :-)

Saw tonnes of gorgeous spring lambs and kids. Couldn't resist getting a picture of this blissed out pair, Mumma & baby - so precious...

And today was another beautiful day.  DS harvested a few radishes from his vegetable patch (of, they're still a little small but he's just SO excited to have grown them!!) 

And we did some Table Work on Romans - learning all about the baths, strigils and daily life via a busy street scene.  We also looked at designing a poster to advertise the Gladiator Games, and played Roman God's pairs (all thanks to wonderful  www.twinkl.co.uk - they have such fabulous resources).

Then in the afternoon we had some lovely Home Ed friends over for a play date.  Such adorable children.  The kids had The Best time, just playing and hanging out together.

Love these simple days. Love being in control of our schedule.  Love being able to do what we want when we want.  Love being able to be a Yes! Mum - because there IS time, and we CAN do it :-)

I love that my DS says things like "Mum how much do you spend on us for Christmas?"   Hmmmm, why?  "Because I'm thinking just don't this year. There's nothing we need and you do stuff with us all year."
Priceless xxxxxxxxxxx

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