Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Ancient Greeks & Spanish Fare

Life's still busy, busy, busy!  So much for our relaxed Home Ed schedule lol.

Had a fab day on Friday learning all about the ancient Greeks at a wonderful Home Ed workshop.  And spent most of the weekend working on our Spanish project for Geography Club next week (or playing Minecraft if you're DS!!!) :-)

Yesterday I was at a funeral, so the kids were with Granny for the day.  So today we have had a nice, chilled day at home just reading, chatting and hanging out.  The kids played for hours this afternoon in the garden, while I cracked on with sourcing the worksheets etc for our Geography Club group tomorrow.  And preparing our Spanish fare for the food tasting table :-)  

We made Spanish Magdalenas (light lemony sponge cakes) and Almendras Fritas (almonds fried in olive oil), and managed to restrain ourselves from eating them all! Yummy! 

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