Friday, 22 July 2016

School's Out for Summer!

What a hot and busy week it's been!  Aside from Sports Day (although we could've gone to the Home Ed one at Alexandra Palace..) we've had all the usual End of Term-ness here.

Monday was Mountains of Washing day - 8 loads to be exact (thank God for the heatwave!) - in preparation for going on our jollibobs tomorrow :-)

Tuesday we tried to head somewhere with water.  We got up early, all packed and ready, got there, got the LAST parking space at just past 9AM!!!  Water feature was off :-(  So disappointed.  Still we played in the playground for an hour until it got just TOO hot, then we retreated to the shade for a picnic and some water pistol fun.  DD designed her own pair of sunglasses with Sharpie pens and DS just had general outdoor fun.

We headed home around lunch time, as it was just tooooooooooooo hot, picked ourselves some flowers from the front garden -

then headed out to the back garden for an epic hose pipe water fight!

We've been writing to our Summer PenPals (a Home Ed exchange I set up, to encourage the children to keep writing over the summer holidays.  So they are partnered with other Home Educated children and need to send their letters on certain dates).  DD & DS both have 2 partners each.

We've also been reading our latest Usbourne Books from the fabulous lady I know that sends us a monthly 'surprise' :-)  This month was The Trojan Horse for DS and Gym Stars for DD - very happy kids! 

On Wednesday we had our End of Term party with a fab Home Ed group we belong to.  It was the end of an era as two lovely teen girls head off to secondary schools for new adventures.  We celebrated with crafts, smoothie bikes, bouncy castle, face painting, free play, water fights, food, ice pops and emotional farewells.  

The next day was our last HE organised trip of this term.  Learning all about life in past times.  DS's favourites were by far the Blacksmith -

And the local wildlife!

DD on the other hand enjoyed exploring the old houses and imagining what life would've been like long ago...

My own personal highlight what when DD shared her money with a friend who didn't have any in the Museum shop, so they could both get a tiny souvenier.  So sweet!

And today has been a marathon wash, clean, pack and sort out the pets session, ready for our holidays tomorrow.  Lord Ginger (the bunny) has never looked so clean! :-)  Well, he has, but it never lasts long - he is a very playful bunny! 

We have a pet sitter coming in to look after him daily, as we don't want to distress him by moving him.  She's looked after him before and he's been very happy.  She'll also look after the goldfish and the stick insects.

George, the tortoise, on the otherhand, likes to travel so he has gone to stay with friends for his holidays :-)

See you all in a week!

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