Saturday, 16 July 2016

Happy Anniversary to Us!

So this week we have celebrated our one year anniversary of Home Educating!  Hard to believe it is a year since we deregistered from school and embarked on this journey :-)

On Monday we went to DD's Book Group, which she really enjoys. This week they were doing Roald Dahl - one of our faves.  Afterwards we spent the morning at the library followed by a couple of hours at the park with other HE friends.

Tuesday we had a nice At Home day and enjoyed hanging out and creating during Listening Time -

We read another Jack Stalwart and are almost finished reading Fantastic Mr Fox (the only Roald Dahl we hadn't yet read - due to my two lovelies being vegetarians (by choice) and it being rather an adult story!) 

On Wednesday we had a celebration - a wonderful day out with 9 other HE families, to celebrate our Home Ediversary!  We had a wonderful day (eventually - after an initial hour and a half of melt downs, sensory overload, accidents and "can we just go home's" from poor DS).  But the weather held out and the kids played, and played, and played - and socialised, and socialised, and socialised until we finally went our separate ways nearly 7 hours later! DD rated it a 5 Star day lol!! 

Thursday was the last gymnastics for this term, which was super fun as they do games (namely Hide & Seek - the kids favourite!) and they had free time on the rings, to do leaping somersault dismounts to their heart's content!

In the afternoon we finished our Sea Life project we'd been working on, with lots of lovely facts about Crabs :-)  And got that sent off to the Home Ed family that were waiting for it :-)

And Friday we had another At Home day.  The kids helped me with some gardening - weeding, dead heading and cutting back.  All valuable life skills :-)  And then we went to the park for a few hours - where we discovered DS has a natural aptitude for shooting basket ball hoops!  

He shot hoop after hoop after hoop, from whichever side he stood!  So we went to the sports shop and bought a proper basket ball and he is now practising his skills in the garden, and it is definitely on my list to try and find a club we can join!

In the evening we had a bonfire, and roasted veggie sausages on sticks for supper :-)  If anyone knows of a veggie alternative to marshmallows we'll be your best friends forever ;-) 

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