Monday, 4 July 2016

Geography Club - Pyramids, Crocodiles & Om Ali

Last week we had our Geography Club (a monthly HE club that I run) and we were learning about Egypt.

DD & DS both worked really hard on their Show & Tells -

DD started out researching tourism in modern Egypt, then she did a bit on temperature, population, places of interest, the Nile - and it grew until she included heiroglyphics and her papyrus painting!  
DS did his project on Nile crocodiles.  He researched in books and on the computer and found out some interesting facts such as when a baby Nile crocodile is ready to be born, it calls to it's mother from inside the egg and she then helps it to hatch. 
And I was super proud of them standing up and doing their bit, even though we were a bit thin on the ground this month so they were a tad self-concious but their confidence won through and they did a great job :-)

After the Show & Tells we had our usual table activities and food tasting.  This month we had the opportunity to try pitta bread, houmous, babba ganoush and Om Ali (a cream & pastry pudding with nuts and dried fruit) -

We used this recipe from Eat Like an Egyptian, which also tells the history of this traditional dish -

For our table activities we had word searches and a worksheet on The River Nile (both from Twinkl - and a couple of crafts -

We had Egyptain head-dresses (again, from wonderful Twinkl - )  and making our own pyramids (from fabulous Usbourne book Egyptian Things to Make & Do  - ).   We were very pleased with the end results :-) 

And, for those that wanted to, we couldn't resist making some Lego pyramids too :-)

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