Friday, 15 January 2016

Very busy couple of days.  We've been out four out of five days this week, so we were all very pleased to have an 'at home' day today. 

We started the day with 'table work'. Both the kids did reading and updated their Reading Diaries. We did DD's weekly spelling test (over due from Monday! Ooops! ). We haven't set spellings for DS yet this year, he has been working super hard on his writing and is producing some great sentences with much neater letter and word formation and uniformity.  Because of this I don't want to overwhelm him or dampen his spirits when he is so enthusiastic, so we are taking a break from spellings for a bit.

We then managed to work through some of our great Fact a Day January Worksheets from  We had fun researching some of the answers to the questions on line - DS even continued on the back of his worksheet he was so enjoying himself! We managed to get through 4 worksheets, so we have caught up a bit this week :-)  

We had a little break for a shake down - DS & I did star jumps and other exercises in the lounge (great sneaky way of working in his physio!).

DS then decided he would like to do some Maths while DD was working on her farming project.  We did some basic fractions - 1/2's and 1/4's - and he worked through a few pages in his "Leap Ahead" maths book.  Meanwhile, DD worked on her Farming project for her Matchbox Swap this month (she'll swap with another Home Educated child the matchbox she fills this month).  It's a great way of getting kids to research a theme and work independently, and they look forward to receiving their box in the post.  Sometimes DS participates as well but this month just DD.  Here's what she produced today (really proud of her :-) )  :- 

After lunch and helping with a few simple chores (yes, I believe in the kids helping with chores :-) ) the kids decided to go and play outside for a while.  The temperature has dropped here the last couple of days and we had our first proper frost this morning.  DS had great fun finding some ice sculptures in the garden, including the top of a bucket that had frozen over - 

and, most excitingly of all, a frozen footprint - we think probably of a fox (given the size). DS was so excited about this find we've had to re-freeze it in the freezer so he can show anyone that asks!! :-) 

We will probably have a look through our books next week to see if we can match it to a particular animal track. Anyone have any ideas? xx

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