Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Fabulous day today in the glorious winter sunshine, horse riding.  

It was our first proper horse riding lesson. Both kids have been on pony rides before, but this was stable management and an actual horse riding lesson with a wonderful instructor.  Both DD & DS had a very special, incredibly peaceful time.  Amazing the effect these incredible creatures can have on those with special needs or sensory difficulties, if you are with the right horses and the right instructor.  

If you had met my children today you would never have known either of them have any sensory difficulties at all! Wonderful therapy :-)

And we've been busy looking up information since we came home, to answer our Homework Quiz :-)

National Geographic - Animals A-Z Horses

Pet Education Resources - Horses

Blue Cross - Horse Welfare & Care

The British Horse Society - Free leaflets

Science Kids - Horses

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