Monday, 18 January 2016

Today's been a good day :-)  DS declared he wanted his 'best' glasses down (he often refuses to wear his glasses, it can take alot of coaxing to get him to comply) - but today he asked for them, proudly declaring "For it is a GOOD day" :-) :-)

The kids worked through 4 more of their Fact a Day worksheets (from, we did some work on farm animals, their different characteristics and also looked in to the nutritional values of various meats and whether that would influence farmers to farm a particular type of animal or whether environmental factors were more prevalent.  

After all that focusing the grey matter, we did a couple of more light hearted challenges - including designing their own island and then an indoor treasure hunt around the house (inspired by the Red Alert! Fact a Day worksheets) to find as many items as possible of a particular colour.  The idea being they got 2 points for any item that could ONLY be that colour, 1 point for any item that could POSSIBLY be that colour and a bonus of 50 extra points if they got over 50 answers!  That bought me enough time to catch up on all my admin and make half a dozen phone calls :-)  This is what they came up with :-

This is DS's writing.  It is overwhelming to me that he has, voluntarily, participated and written so much.  All the letters are well formed and fairly uniform, within the boxes and such a remarkable improvement. He did this all by himself - he is 7, with autistic spectrum disorder.  My personal favourites are no. 11 (which translates - Darth Vaders Light Saber) and no. 25 (translated - Leaves in Autumn) :-) 

DS then decided he needed to move around a bit, so he went to play with the rabbit.  This usually involves setting up assault courses for him, which he loves, with tunnels and whatever else he can fashion out of cardboard from the recycling.  It also often involves playing the guitar to the rabbit (yes, really!) which is always hysterically wonderful to listen to through the door :-)   

While this was going on DD worked on a story board for her Arts Award. 

After all that work, it was time for some fresh air.  The kids played out in the garden - they are playing so nicely together at the moment. At one point DS was sitting up his apple tree (one of his favourite places to be) and DD was circling underneath on her scooter and they were just chatting like that, for about 20 minutes! Gorgeous :-)  

They also grabbed the giant chalks from the playhouse and made roads for each other to ride on their skates and scooters :-

Unfortunately, from the angle I've taken the picture, it looks rather unsavoury!! I can assure you, it is meant to be a car park, ring road and roundabout - NOT whatever else you are imagining! ;-) 

After lunch, and a little walk to the shops, we settled back down at the table for some reading time and some work on their Leap Ahead English books. DD finished hers completely and DS managed another 4 pages, then it was back out to the garden until dinner time :-)

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