Sunday, 12 November 2017

Support for 'Accepting Yourself'

I originally 'soft published' the post 'Accepting Yourself - You Are Good Enough' to under 100 Facebook followers, as I wanted to gauge people's reactions and also stall a bit lol while I decided whether or not I was ready to publish it.

I was overwhelmed by the support. 

Here are a handful of the messages and comments I received.  I have collated and published them here, because I hope they will help anyone else in any kind of similar situation, because we are all warriors. We are all ALL of these things xxxx

Hayley - Beautiful, you are one of the most sincere, holistic, kind, thoughtful and inspiring people I know and I totally admire you for everything you do! So many could learn so much from you, your life, your choices and you absolutely should be talking to the world. I don’t know how you get through every day but I do know that right now I just want to give you a big squeeze and say never change! those who judge are insecure in their own choices and really not worth the give so much to so many and I ❤️you!

Emma -  I honestly couldn't have worded it better. Beautifully written. We love you x

Terrie - You're one tough lady, you always pick up and move on. Give yourself some love. Hugs girly x

Angie -  I don’t know what surgery you had done but it was obviously very serious and clearly has left you traumatised to this day. All I know is when I look at you I see before me a beautiful soul with a huge heart. I know what it’s like to always be apologising - but you have nothing to apologise for. Just carry on doing what you do, which is being awesome. I’m blessed to have you as a friend xxx

Debbie -  Omg 😮 How unprofessional! Don't let anyone ever make you feel like that again , you're beautiful inside and out and I’m so, so proud of how far you have come, you should be patting yourself on the back for all you have achieved, I love you so much xxxx

Sue - When we go through very traumatic things, they can leave there mark. But it can also make you very strong and appreciate what you have.
Look ahead to your wonderful life, with its natural ups and downs.
Feel proud of who you are, and what you have accomplished.
Plus your two wonderful children, that you have brought up with a lot of love in their hearts. Which is plainly obvious to see, by the caring way they acted after your visit to the hospital.
People can say some really hurtful things, but no matter how hurtful it is leave the nasty words with them. Don’t take it on board, it may have made her feel better about herself, but you can close your mind to her words.
It’s her thoughts, it doesn’t have to be yours.
Love yourself and all that is you.
Thank you for sharing, your words can have a Big positive change to others that are going through something that’s very hard for them.
Love and best wishes beautiful lady, inside and out

Kim - You are kind, and brave, and beautiful. Don't ever forget that. Also, it's totally OK to feel sorry for oneself from time to time, and it really doesn't matter that other people have it "worse". You are entitled to feel however you feel, in any given moment, about your own situation. I'm proud of you for living your truth, and doing what you need to do to take care of yourself xx

Kara - Beautifully written it seems to me that this whilst painful is a beautiful growth of character and bringing clarity to yourself to know your self better, these are the tears of freedom. For the record you are amazing, your children will not grow and think anything other than you were an amazing mum, the mum who was always there for them no matter what. You have this amazing strength, broken though you are, to just stand and be there holding the gap for others. Keep doing what you do and never change you are brilliant you amaze and inspire me x

Julie -  Beautiful post, plenty of food for thought for myself there as well. I'm not a confident person, I apologise far to much, and I do my best to conform, to society's expectations. Your talent with words and expressing your thoughts, is amazing. Don't change for anyone, your perfect just as you are.

Susan -  Just wanted to say that I think you're amazing. I personally enjoy reading your Blog, your posts are always honest and refreshingly real.  I'm sure this will be helpful to others xx

Hannah - You're a strong and brave lady, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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