Thursday, 8 September 2016

Always Learning 💗

So, we are officially #notbacktoschool 😆

My day today started with my 7 year old autistic son bringing me a cup of tea in bed "with a lid on so he wouldn't spill it and so it could stay hot until I wanted it"! I went downstairs to find the washing machine on. I quizzed DS suspiciously but he just shrugged and said "I'm fine, I just wanted to do something helpful." Sweet, happy boy x

The biggest factor in his happiness is that we are Not Back to School. We have posted our Not Back to School pics on social media - they consist of the kids playing Hot Wheels, having fun in a couple of parks and going to see a West End Show! And that's only this week 😆

On top of this, we've had DD's birthday. She is now 9!! Where did that time go?!  She seems so grown up, but the ability to make a common sense decision of any kind still eludes her! 😁 I think it always will, it's just not how her brain works.

As well as all this excitement, our learning journey has continued. We are always learning, all the time. For example yesterday, en route back from the show, we were discussing sharks and we learned you are more likely to die from a coconut falling on your head than a shark attack, that a shark will only bite you by mistake - you are more likely to die of the injury that causes than a shark actually eating you. We talked about Big Cats and how the cheetah can't hunt in water as it's body is too fragile, but the jaguar can. The fact there are no tigers in Africa and that tigers can't roar, only purr.

And on the train we did our 8 times table and challenged each other to sums! I love that we have these type of conversations, daily, all the time 💞

We have just come back from a couple of hours at the park. DD is working on a Fact File about the USA (we were looking at Atlases this morning and the Geography of America and North America, including the terrain, native wildlife and indigenous peoples), I am having a cup of tea and writing this blog and DS is in the garden working on his irrigation system for his lavender bed (!!! Photos to follow) and digging a hole to catch rain water for his Venus fly trap!

This morning, before lunch, DD worked on her French - the weather, houses and where you live and male/female verbs - while DS read another 4 chapters of his book to me.

And now to water the garden, before I make a start on dinner.

I LOVE this life 💞 I love that we are living it together, but still pursuing our own interests within that. I love, love, love it!  We are out and proud 😆 and unashamedly #notbacktoschool xxxxx

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