Monday, 8 August 2016

Holiday happenings

So how are The Holidays going so far for everyone?  Loving every minute or wishing they were over? Sick of seeing 101 super ideas to make each day magical?  Or loving having the time to act on inspiration?

So far I am pleased with how the holidays are working out.  DH is currently decorating the hall way, which is kinda hard on the kids as it means they can't get to their rooms during the day.  This means they have to think ahead what toys/ belongings to bring downstairs in the morning - given we have Zero planning skills, this has been something of an emotional challenge! But, a few days in, DD has settled in to it as has been filling her time with work as well as play. She's worked on her Maths and been self-studying French and German! 

Intersperse this with outdoor play, time with friends, parks, cinema and lots, and lots of Lego building.....

Including challenging herself to make a tower using ALL the white bricks, literally!

DS meanwhile has been dressing up as Indiana Jones - ALOT - and trying to make whips out of any and everything! 

I'm also pleased to say he has been soldiering on with his reading - mostly reluctantly but with occasional unprecedented enthusiasm!  For example, we were out with friends at the weekend and took the kids (all 7 of them, between us) to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at a local library.  I was not expecting DS to want to do this, but he not only signed up (despite a really Looooong wait!), he completed the Treasure Hunt (including writing the answers on an answer sheet....  this is a BIG DEAL!) 

And read two books there and then to complete the first two stages of the challenge.  Oh, and did I mention, he then Queued AGAIN and told the librarian all about the two books he had read to earn his stickers!!  SO Proud! :-)  

And the highlight of today was Touchable Bubbles.  I don't know if anyone has ever tried them - sensory heaven!  

They come in tiny little bottles, which makes them Even More exciting as they are very prolific!  You can get a pack of 12 for under £2 on Amazon - (probably be great in party bags too :-) ) -   They do leave a slight residue when they pop (although it is dry and just brushes off) - so you may want to use them outside (if you're more house proud than me! Lol x) 

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  1. Well-done to both for keeping so well occupied.
    J uses Duolingo for languages he's learning and loves it. He would highly recommend it...
    J is also doing the summer reading challenge too... He has chosen a pile of books to dive into and happily a couple of SS books he's not got on his own bookshelf
    Not tried touch bubbles ourselves but they sound really cool ��... J plays with 'edible' bubbles which are basically edible for the dog so we have lots of giggles as we see M-pooch chase around the garden after these little bubbles! ��