Thursday, 15 June 2017

Letterbox Lab - Product Review

We were very excited when this bevvy of Marvellous Mixtures quite literally came winging it's way through our letterbox recently from Letterbox Labs -

Before we even got started we were in love with the packaging! So neatly put together, gorgeous little corresponding bags and a super full colour instruction booklet to follow & fill in with your results.

Literally everything you need for each experiment is included - from goggles & gloves to every ingredient, even sugar & felt tip pens!  The only thing we ever needed to add was water.

My children, aged 8 and 9, both love science - the more hands on the better!  So this was absolutely perfect for our studies, but my son would have loved it just as much as a birthday present.  Infact he has asked for chemistry sets before and we've always found them disappointing as the instructions are too protracted and they usually rely heavily on you having a lot of the ingredients in your kitchen.  We loved Letterbox Lab because we could get stuck straight in.  There were clear Health & Safety instructions at the start of each experiment but they were concise and easy to follow.

We started off experimenting with Chromatography -

It worked well for us that Letterbox Lab include extra's of everything - so there is enough materials to do most experiments twice or more.

After learning about Incredible Inks through the process of Chromatography, we moved on to making Rainbow Glasses - using diffraction grating.  My daughter decided to use our own felt tip pens to make our rainbow glasses truly look like rainbow glasses!

They were very simple to make  and it was great fun viewing the world through rainbow-tinted spectacles! And learning all about light at the same time.

We then moved on to make Rainbow Spinners, further expanding our learning about inks, light and colours.  We learnt which colours are more dominant and that some colours react entirely differently to how you would expect.

Our favourite experiments were the Liquid Rainbow & the Brilliant Breathless Balloon -

As a parent and Home Educator, I loved how the experiments all build on from one another, they have open questions for your inquisitive young minds and expansion ideas if the concepts have captured their interest.  I also loved the fact you can guide the children but they are able to do all the hands on stuff themselves, which of course they love.

Both of my children loved the booklet and decided they wanted to write up the experiments and record their findings in their own folders.

There really is so much packed in to this clever little box.  It has been so well thought out and executed.  We came back to the box day after day for new activities, it kept us entertained for a long time and we still have our Squirmy Worms to do!

The lovely people at Letterbox Lab have given me a special discount offer for readers of Our Alternative Life.  Simply quote "BloggingMama" on your first subscription and you will receive 15% off.  If you opt to pay monthly you will receive 15% off your first box, if you pay quarterly you will receive 15% off your first three boxes.

Go to:- to subscribe.


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