Monday, 1 May 2017

Facing Fears & Reaching for the Stars

So, back in January my girl saw an advert for auditions for a variety show with a youth group at the library (her favourite place 😊)

She copied down all the information and asked me if she could apply. I'll admit my heart sank. I was worried for her - thinking she would be up against lots of lovies in a very competitive environment and all I could see was disappointment and I wanted to protect her. I saw her Aspergers before I saw her and my mind swelled with anxiety.

But we talked it through and I knew I had to let my girl spread her wings, and be there to catch her if she fell.

So we applied and she dutifully rehearsed at home the song and written piece they sent her to learn. She worked hard to learn it by heart, add emotion and action to it. She worked extra hard on her eye contact and on capturing the correct facial expressions.

On the day of auditions she was nervous, had a wobble, became dangerously close to a melt down. But we practiced breathing exercises, had lots and lots of goes up and down the climbing wall, and went over and over her practiced pieces. And despite there being a number of pushy parents at the audition, one of whom actually physically pushed her out of the way so his child could have the number he wanted! But despite this my girl, my ASD girl, held her ground and went for it!

We are SO proud of her. She has no training, doesn't attend dance, singing or acting classes. Was never even given a part in the school plays because they weren't sure how she would react....
Didn't know a single soul there. And yet stood up and gave it her all.

And last week she started weekly rehearsals for the next 4 1/2 months for a variety show she will be performing in over 3 dates over the summer.

It's true what they say - Face your fears, Live your dreams.  And although there are sure to be turbulent times ahead that will need managing, I am so, so very proud of her. Always xx

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