Tuesday, 4 October 2016


Life has been super busy recently.  At the weekend we headed out for a walk in the woods where we found some super bugs -

And learnt all about these gorgeous fellows (one of my personal faves!) at the Nature Centre, as they had a rescue centre visitng :-)

Then, on Monday, Mummy was struck down with a mystery virus of some kind, so we've had a couple of quiet days at home.  It's actually been a real blessing in disguise and has given us some much needed time out, and time to reconnect and just "be" - rather than rushing from place to place.

The kids have pretty much amused themselves with their own choices of activities.  Here's a little look at some of the things we've done over the past couple of days.....

DS decided he would make a start making his own Solar System from a kit he got for Christmas :-)

DD did lots, and lots, and lots of colouring :-)  And lots, and lots, and lots of reading!

She wrote more letters to her friends, and sealed them with her wax sealing kit she bought at The Tower of London a couple of weekends ago :-)

DS spent the morning Scratch programming on the computer, then decided he would do some construction with his Moon Sand :-)

And DD got creative with some modelling clay :-)

And they fed, cleaned and cared for all of their pets (a stick insect, a goldfish, a rabbit and a tortoise) and made sure they kept their bedrooms tidy.

We also played a few Lego games together, had cuddles, DS built a little camp in the hall way to read books in, and they had lots of outdoor play in the garden.

Mummy did the absolutely bare minimum - bit of washing, making the meals, general tidying and catching up on her admin and scheduling for the rest of the year.

I hope this virus is just a 48 hour thing, but I'm glad we've had the opportunity to catch up and just hang out a bit :-)

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