Monday, 4 September 2017

Not Back to School - Raising Rainbows

Tell us about you
I Home Ed my six and three year old boys Stanley and Ronnie

How long have you been Home Educating?

I've been Home Edding since Stanley was 4.

What are your reasons for choosing to Home Educate?

We wanted to give the boys a more relaxed childhood, with an education suited to them individually. Plus the opportunity to learn together as a family, learning for fun and not for tests! 

How would you describe your Home Education style?

We are semi structured. I plan activities and we follow a homemade curriculum for the core subjects but there is plenty of time for self led learning and play!

The impossible question - can you tell us about a 'typical' day?

Our days vary a lot but we tend to have an hours structured learning in the morning, doing a planned activity and then we head out for some fresh air and a walk or to the library.  We settle in the afternoon to read together.  It's one of the most important parts of our day.

We have a You Tube channel called Raising Rainbows.

We vlog some of our days and I make videos about home ed planning and curriculum. I'd love you to subscribe and follow our journey! 

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