Friday, 23 December 2016

Be Our Guest (Appreciatively 😉)

I'm gonna share a little something here, on the run up to Christmas, as throughout the year (and throughout the years!!!) I have hosted a lot!  I continue to organise and host a lot.  I enjoy doing it. I enjoy the company of people, I am good at organising and I enjoy giving. However, one thing I do not enjoy is being asked 'can I bring anything?'  I find this question both lazy and irritating!

If you have been invited anywhere, Christmas or otherwise, you are basically getting a free pass! You don't have to cook, clean, plan or organise that one thing.  Sure go ahead and offer to help but don't ask 'can I bring anything?'  Yes, darn right you can bring something - you bring this

A Grateful Heart

I'm of the feeling/ opinion that it ought to be on the recipients heart what they can bring/ do to show gratitude rather than assign another task to the host to figure out something else.

Also, don't ask just to appease your conscience when they say 'no that's fine'.  Just bring something nice, do something nice, be a good guest!

Give some thought to the hosts, the time they will have spent preparing, the cost of all the food and drink and the time they will be spending hosting. Then give some thought to how you can show gratitude for that - putting your own stuff in the dishwasher, offering to make tea/ coffee for everyone, playing a game with their kids - looking for little ways you can help and show appreciation rather than waiting to be asked/ told. And look in to your own heart and think what you could do/ make/ bring to show your gratitude. Be appreciative 💞

This is not meant to be a lecture, just advice from someone who hosts a lot to some that may not. Be a good guest this Christmas, and always ;-)

Much love xxxxx

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